RPG 'Serment - Contract with a Devil' comes to Steam Feb. 1

RPG 'Serment - Contract with a Devil' comes to Steam Feb. 1 NKT STUDIO

Sekai Project unveils plans to release the anime RPG, Serment - Contract with a Devil, onto Steam on Feb. 1.

A visual novel/dungeon crawler RPG hybrid, the game is a light-hearted and comedic adventure about a girl who literally owes a devil cold-hard cash for bringing her back to life.  One day late on settling the bill, and it's back to the afterlife for her!

Serment - Contract with a Devil features four playable anime girl protagonists.  Each girl has her own story and ending.  There are also more than 10 side characters and more than 100 items that players can collect and use.  Serment also boasts dating sim management elements, as well as fishing, cooking, and crafting mini-games.  The game also supports Steam achievements and trading cards.

Being published by Sekai Project, Serment - Contract with a Devil is developed by Nkt Studio.

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