'Gensokyo Defenders' getting Switch DLC and Steam release

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Gensokyo Defenders, the shoot-em-up tower defense game from Unties and Neetpia, will be coming out on Steam April 25th. The Nintendo Switch version will receive a brand new DLC alongside the Steam release.

The Nintendo Switch DLC will be free and include three new stages and traps, as well as new playable characters: Yakumo Yukari, a manipulator, Toyosatomimi no Miko, an immortal Buddhist saint, and Byakuren Hijiri, a magic-wielding nun. The new content will also be available on Steam at the time of release.

Available in single or co-op mode, Gensokyo Defenders has over 25 stages in tower defense and shooting styles.

"Gensokyo Defenders is a great mix of Touhou Project shooter gameplay with classic trap-based defense strategy," said John Davis, G&R Representative for Unties. "Neetpia did a great job adapting Touhou characters and their powers into a classic tower defense setting to create a new strategic action experience that will have players begging for more."

The game will be available on Steam for $19.99 USD, with English text localization and audio, and text available in Japanese. The Nintendo Switch version is out now.

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