E3 2016: 'Livelock' first impressions

I never really got games where you play as a robot or are in a mechanical suit. So you're a robot. And? You smash stuff? Livelock didn't change my mind about those games, but I have to say, for what it is, it's pretty good.

You play as one of three robots, each with a unique character and abilities. I was playing as the “tank”, Vanguard. First, the good parts. It's a top-down shooter, and usually those don't have as good graphics as, say, 1st or 3rd person on the ground. But it was detailed as hell and wasn't a copy-paste job. It also incorporated breakable buildings. There were some buildings where it looked like you could only go through a hall, but you can just smash through like Captain America. I have to say, that's a refreshing gameplay aspect. Hide or go tackle enemies head on? Eh, take the third option – crash through the wall to safety.

Also great was the three man team. As the game goes on, their relationship with each other changes. It's hard enough to find that in some games where the story actually demands it, and here it's subtle, but it happens. Each one has a past, and it's brought up.

Weapons are only limited to a few and there are only a few special abilities, but this can be brought up in each player using a different combo and using them together Incredibles style. Some parts don't look as polished, and many of the robots were easy to kill just by smashing them. There is strategy involved, but most could just be taken down with a hit or two. Enemies could also slow you down or take away health, so it wasn't all unbalanced. The addition of having a solo mode instead of co-op is also much appreciated.

Livelock is coming out in the latter half of 2016 and although I don't like top down shooters too much or games involving too many robots, it does what it does well. If top down shooters are your jam, you'll like this, and if you're looking for a co-op game in the future with a few friends, there's enough strategy and selection to make it be well worth your time.

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