E3 2016: 'Star Trek Online' PS4/Xbox One port first impressions

Star Trek Online is slowly gaining more and more followers. As the franchise continues to grow, so does that game. And for STO, the logical place to go was console - in fact, they decided to do just that. At E3 this year they decided to show it off.

STO for PS4 and Xbox One should be familiar to those who already have experienced the PC version. Gameplay is just like it is on the computer and all the features and groups and customization are there. When I played, however, I noticed a few things.

The first is the controller. They had to convert a an entire keyboards worth of controls onto a controller. When I played it, yeah, it worked. It got confusing at points. At one point I was fighting Borg and I ran around the area I was supposed to go to to trigger a Borg spawn, but the person I was supposed to talk to in-game I had to try a few button combinations for the game to continue. Once you know the buttons and combos you're set, but since there were so many keys and so few buttons, it will take a bit to learn the lay. Once you get the hang of it it works well. It switches between on the ground and piloting with ease and you get an almost reflex like way to know how to play.

The other part is the graphics. While on the PC they were a little boxy and low-res in places, here it's much better. Shadows and ambient light are gorgeous. It still has the New Vegas feel of knowing what you're looking at isn't real, but it adds a bit to make it more like a PS4/XBox One caliber game. 

Play otherwise isn't that much different. Piloting, besides controller changes, is simple, as is fighting on the ground. I played both  and it handles well. There was no real issues and it actually felt like a PS4/XBox One game pre-PC port. It was that impressive. It felt that natural playing the console version.

STO for the consoles improves the game. There are still issues (During playing I hit a bug where a dead Borg continued to float there instead of dropping down), but it takes the PC version and makes it up to date and more realistic. If you've been wary of the PC version, the console version is definitely worth a look. And if you've played on PC, then the console version makes it all look so great.

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