Action-puzzle game 'Tumblestone' set to launch soon

Action-puzzle game 'Tumblestone' set to launch soon THE QUANTUM ASTROPHYSICISTS GUILD

Developer/publisher The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild's upcoming action-puzzle game, Tumblestone, will be releasing in mid-July for PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox One, and PC/Mac/Linux via Steam.

The game launches for Xbox One on July 16 as a Games with Gold title.  Owners of all of the game's other platforms will be able to play it four days earler on July 12.

The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild says Tumblestone is the first original action-puzzle game since Bejeweled.

"We took the staid match-3 formula and stripped away all of the random gem flipping junk," says Ty Taylor, the game's designer.  "Then we elevated the genre with unique, cerebral puzzles and intense multiplayer game modes in the spirit of Tetris Attack and Dr. Mario."

Featuring hand-painted artwork, Tumblestone offers a variety of game modes for both single-player and competitive multiplayer.  Players can choose to help the Sausage King make friends and discover what happened to the Tumblecrown in the 40-hour story campaign.  The campaign has a dozen worlds with each one providing its own Tumblestone's core mechanic.  Players can also test their mettle with as many as three other players in local and online multiplayer.  Of course, they also have the option to take on the world with ranked matchmaking and leaderboards.  Other play options include multiple arcade modes, including fast-paced Heartbeat mode, brainy Infinipuzzle mode, and Marathon mode.

Tumblestone is rated "E for Everyone" by the ESRB.

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