Puzzler 'The Watchman' announced for 2017 release

Puzzler 'The Watchman' announced for 2017 release MICROPSIA GAMES

Video game publisher 1C will be releasing the newly-announced title The Watchmaker in the first half of next year.

Developed by Micropsia Games, The Watchmaker is a puzzle-adventure to be released for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime between April and June of 2017.  The publisher says a playable build will be available and presented at Gamescom 2016 in Cologne this month.

The Watchmaker takes place inside a giant clock tower, full of gears and platforms, where time is an essential resource.  Within the strong steampunk atmosphere of the clock tower, an unusual tale unwinds.  The main character is Alexander, a keeper of the clock tower, who realizes one day that his precious clock has been sabotaged, making time run wild.

Gameplay illustrates the collapse of time through a unique mechanism, in which the health of the main character is indicated by his age.  Alexander ages extremely quickly, as if suffering from a strange disease, his enemies’ attacks further accelerating this process.  And so instead of collecting medkits, Alexander collects time to regenerate his youth.  The entire aging process is elaborately animated and reflected in the character’s face, posture and movements.

Trying to avoid the ultimate end that old age brings, players must guide Alexander through the clock tower.  Exploring its environment full of intricate puzzles that need solving, and enemies to be defeated, Alexander must uncover secret after secret, to finally unravel the mystery of The Watchmaker.

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