Sci-fi horror game 'Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today' dated for PS4, Xbox One

An in-game image from video game 'Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today'. An in-game image from video game 'Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today'. BADLAND GAMES

The indie-developed/published science fiction horror video game Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today gets an early October release date.

Developed by Fictiorama Studios and published by BadLand Games, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers will be able to play the point-and-click game on Oct. 4.

Featuring a script with dystopian overtones, the companies behind Dead Synchronicity say the game pays homage to adventure games of the past such as The Secret of Monkey Island  and Broken Sword.  One difference that they point out, however, is that their upcoming title contains more mature themes than those aforementioned titles.

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today follows the story of Michael, a man with no past who must recover his identity and decode the two events that brought the world to the edge of collapse.  As Michael, players will need to solve each puzzle to get closer to the truth, thus guiding Michael to a future he may (or may not) be ready to face.

PlayStation 4 gamers have the option to obtain Dead Synchronicity in either digital or boxed retail form.  Xbox One users will only have the option to download the digital version.

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