Horror game 'Perception' now coming to Xbox One

Horror game 'Perception' now coming to Xbox One THE DEEP END GAMES

Previously announced for PC and PS4, the first-person horror adventure game Perception will also be releasing onto Xbox One from indie developer The Deep End Games.

In Perception, players take on the role of a young, blind woman named Cassie.  Because she lost the sense of sight, she depends on her hearing to solve an ancient mystery and outwit the forces that pursue her.  Cassie finds her way by tapping her cane and can “see” via echolocation (akin to the 'Daredevil' comic books and movie).  She needs to avoid detection and uses ambient sounds of the haunted mansion she's investigating to help her navigate or uses objects to create distractions.  Every sound creates a visual, but it can also reveal her location to the ghostly Presence that has tormented the mansion's inhabitants for generations.

“We didn’t want to leave Xbox One players in the dark—no pun intended—by supporting their console of choice,” said Bill Gardner, creative director at The Deep End Games.  “We’re really excited that Xbox fans will be able to experience the unique world we’ve built in Perception.”

Perception is rated "RP - Rating Pending" by the ESRB.  The game's release date has not yet been unveiled.

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