Music puzzler 'Chime Sharp' to release for consoles this month

Music puzzler 'Chime Sharp' to release for consoles this month CHILLED MOUSE

Previously released as a computer game, British game developer Chilled Mouse's music puzzle game Chime Sharp gets prepped for release on PS4 and Xbox One.

Chime Sharp is a more polished version of the original game Chime and brings players a unique crossover between music and interaction.  While players logically position various shapes on the grid, the passing beatline reads formed blocks as notes all the while remixing popular electronic music tunes.

“With Chime Sharp the core rules are the same, featuring the same mesmerizing, hypnotic electronic soundtrack with songs from some of the most experimental trailblazing artists out there”, said Ian Baverstock, CEO of Chilled Mouse.  “With a clean, sleek new aesthetic and new experimental modes, Chime has returned and this time it wants to become your favorite mixtape”.

 The ESRB does not list any age rating information for this game.

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