Underwater horror game 'Anoxemia' releases for PS4, Xbox One

An in-game screenshot from 'Anoxemia'. An in-game screenshot from 'Anoxemia'. BSK GAMES

Published by BadLand Games, the BSK Games developed 2D underwater, story-driven exploration game, Anoxemia, is now available for PS4 and Xbox One.

In the newly-launched game, the world is slowly recovering from a devastating war fought in the distant past.  Players take the role of Dr. Bailey, a scientist tasked with collecting samples from a dangerous underwater region covered in acid.  The mission is difficult enough to begin with, but things quickly take a turn for the worse when your submarine crashes against the ocean floor and Dr. Bailey loses all contact with the surface.

In Anoxemia, the player's primary goal is to search the ocean floor as you discover and extract samples from underwater caves.  Poison drifts, powerful ocean currents, mines left over from the war, and malfunctioning machines need to be dealt with carefully.  Players need to move fast, lest they run out of oxygen.  The game features 38 levels of unique underwater terrain, many puzzles to solve, and "an insightful voiced narrative."


Anoxemia is a digital only title and it sells for eight bucks.

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