Once an obscure DS title, the 'Phoenix Wright' series has arrived on modern consoles.

Tidus and Yuna return in a familiar game on entirely new ground - the Switch and the Xbox One.

'Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing' docks in on several new platforms.

The former GameStop-exclusive horror game will soon be available far and wide.

The multiplayer games of blobs is up next on the Xbox One.

Rangers team up for the ultimate 3v3 Power Rangers fighting experience.

One of history's most legendary games can now be played on the go.

Survive a deadly reality show to become the ultimate winner.

ToeJam and Earl are back in the groove, but is it a groove worth dancing to?

With more than 50 awards and nominations, FromSoftware immerses players into a reimagined 16th century Japan in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

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