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Author Brett Weiss does not disappoint in the second in his two-book series cataloging the Super Nintendo and its games.

Wizards of the Coast and Penny Arcade join forces for Dungeons & Dragons' first-ever official third-party sourcebook.

The turn-based RPG, Dark Quest 2, is now available on iOS and Android.

Oh, Doctor!  Dr. Mario World is coming to mobile next month.

Masquerada is a mixed bag, but with spectral horse attacks how bad can it be?

The bullet hell shmup Rolling Gunner lands on the Nintendo Switch June 20th. 

Atari has shown the world more about its first new computer in 30 years.

 Bandai Namco introduces Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot as the official name to the codenamed Dragon Ball Game Project Z.

EA to publish newtitles by Zoink Games, Glowmade, and Hazelight Studios.


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