The (practically) self-playing multiplatform game RuneScape: Idle Adventures is in the works from Jagex Games and AdVenture Capitalist developer Hyper Hippo.

GeekNifty puts our creative caps on and make some educated guesses and speculations as to what cards might be in Magic: the Gathering's From the Vault: Lore.

A visual novel based upon Aksys Games' BlazBlue fighting game series is coming to PC very soon.

SEGA releases the first trailer for 7th Dragon III Code: VFD, which will be making its North American franchise debut soon.

Capcom brings fighting to a new level with the release of Street Fighter V.

The makers of iOS game Creature Battle Lab are seeking beta testers to give it a whirl.

Wadjet Eye Games' upcoming PC adventure Shardlight is due to release next month.

Siegecraft Commander is set to deliver strategic action to Xbox One and Windows PC in mid-2016.

Old is new again with Eternal Masters, a newly-announced special Magic: the Gathering set.

See you space cowboy...

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