Overwatch, a new video game from Blizzard, is set to release in late May with a free beta occuring for the game's three platforms earlier in the month.

Witch Beam's arcade-style twin stick shooter Android Assault Cactus is now playable on PlayStation 4.

Press Play Studios and Lionhead Studios both get shuttered by Microsoft as their in-development games get canceled.

Indie developer Hypersect's upcoming PC/PS4 game Inversus is no longer just a local multiplayer game.

Already available for computer and mobile, the indie-developed physics puzzle game Dreii is coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita March 9.

ArcticPlay Studios promises its new mobile game Hoodrip Skateboarding is "free to play forever."

A new Monster Hunter experience is coming to the Nintendo 3DS courtesy of Capcom.

Indie developer Codex World is working on bringing PC gamers a new rogue-like RPG near the end of this year called Battlecursed.

Excalibur's Space Overlords releases this month for PC and next month on PlayStation.

Blowfish Studios' first-person shooter and world-building hybrid Gunscape is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac and Linux

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