Taoist adventure game 'Bokida' releases for PC

An in-game screenshot from computer game 'Bokida: Heartfelt Reunion'. An in-game screenshot from computer game 'Bokida: Heartfelt Reunion'.

Just released from Rice Cooker Republic is the minimalist open-world adventure game Bokida: Heartfelt Reunion.

Now available for Windows PC via Steam, the game has players flying across the surreal but peaceful world of Bokida.  There they'll uncover abandoned temples while creating structures and solving puzzles by adding to the landscape.  Every solution transforms the planet, inserting color and opening up new avenues for exploration while revealing clues to the mysteries shrouding Bokida's two worlds.  With a story inspired by Taoist literature, the game invites exploration of its vast environments among soothing music and Korean voice acting.

"Bokida is about following where curiosity leads and using creativity to shape the world around you," says Vincent Levy, designer and writer, Rice Cooker Republic.  "With countless areas to explore, secrets to uncover and new vistas to create, it offers a relaxing experience full of fun and life."

'Bokida: Heartfelt Reunion' Steam trailer by GeekNifty

Bokida: Heartfelt Reunion is a product of Steam's Greenlight program.

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