Comedy RPG 'West of Loathing' gets August release window

Comedy RPG 'West of Loathing' gets August release window ASYMMETRIC PUBLICATIONS

A computer game is scheduled for release onto Steam from the same folks behind the The Kingdom of Loathing online game.

Featuring a cast of stick figures, the forthcoming West of Loathing is a wild west stick figure comedy RPG that boasts three character classes (Snake Oiler, Beanslinger, and Cow Puncher) and more than 50 stylish hats.  In addition to getting a hat collection, players can also pick up random junk to boost characters' skills and gain an advantage in combat. There are also companions to befriend, whiskey to be drunk, and so on.  In game, of course.

West of Loathing will be playable via Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  A version for iOS devices is currently also in the works with a release planned for a later date.

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