'DeadCore' releases for PS4, Xbox One

An in-game scene from 'DeadCore'. An in-game scene from 'DeadCore'. GRIP DIGITAL

Now available from video game developer/publisher Grip Digital is DeadCore, a first-person platformer title for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Previously released as a computer game, DeadCore is described by PC players as “the ultimate parkour game...fast, deadly and incredible to look at."  The game is a gritty first person platformer blending exploration, speedrunning, and puzzles.

After falling endlessly through powerful magnetic storms, players will find themselves in a desolate world with no memory, surrounded by void.  As they explore this unforgiving futuristic environment, they’ll discover a gigantic Tower at the centre of the dense fog.  Equipped with a 'SwitchGun', they must make their way to the top of the Tower, deciphering cryptic messages as they search for answers along the way.

Grip Digital is a privately-owned developer and publisher of video games for consoles and high-end portable devices.  The company is based in Prague, Czech Republic. 

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