Retro-inspired 'Aegis Defenders' dated for Winter 2017 on PS4

Retro-inspired 'Aegis Defenders' dated for Winter 2017 on PS4 GUTS DEPARTMENT

Indie game developer GUTS Department's upcoming fantasy adventure, Aegis Defenders, will be coming out for PlayStation 4 this Winter.

Being published by Humble Bundle, Aegis Defenders is a "Metroidvania"-style action-platformer inspired by classic games like Final Fantasy, Super Metroid, and The Legend of Zelda.  The game features tower defense inspired combat, 16-bit graphics, the ability to swap between up to four characters at any time, and drop-in/drop-out co-op gameplay options.

Aegis Defenders is a love letter to classic adventure games that myself and many other members of GUTS grew up playing on the original PlayStation,” said Bryce Kho, Aegis Defenders’ Creative Director.  "Releasing our game on the PlayStation platform is a dream come true, and we’re honored to share space with some of the game industry’s most iconic titles.”

In addition to this Winter's PS4 release of Aegis Defenders, the game will also be coming out for PC and Mac in the Autumn.

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