'Beat the Game' releases for PC, Mac, And Linux

'Beat the Game' releases for PC, Mac, And Linux WORM ANIMATION

Worm Animation's debut title, Beat the Game, is now available via Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux machines.

Inspired as much by twentieth century surrealists, Dali and Ernst, as modern European techno, Beat the Game combines handcrafted characters and environments with classic 3D point and click adventuring.

“We’re so pleased to release the PC, Mac, and Linux versions of Beat The Game, allowing players to experience the loveable but bizarre world we’ve created for them and Mistik,” said Cemre Ozkurt, founder of Worm Animation.  “We’ve taken classic point and click adventure as our base and added a beautifully rendered 3D environment and characters as well as a music making mechanic.  We hope players find their inner DJ and save Mistik in the process.”

In Beat the Game you are not competing with anyone.  Nobody is chasing you and there is no one to kill.  Players are welcomed to take their time and explore the environment.  As Worm Animation says, it’s not a game to beat, it’s a journey.

 In 2016, Beat the Game received the "Best Art Award" from Intel Media Indie Exchange, among a number of other awards from agencies and festivals including BIG Festival 2017 in Brazil and Azplay 2016 in Spain.

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