Review: 'Glyphs: Apprentice' (PC)

Review: 'Glyphs: Apprentice' (PC) INSPIRE GAMES

More and more games are adding puzzles in as 'mini-games', a term in which I don't like and a feature that doesn't bode well for many games. But puzzles can make their own games and do well. Glyphs: Apprentice does it and manages to does it right, albeit with a hiccup or two.

You are an apprentice mage. To get better at magic, you need to make spells. And to do so you...solve puzzles? That's the story line. Honestly, the story line doesn't mean much. It's like if you gave Tetris a backstory – why? Since the story really cancels itself out, what we can see is how the puzzles are influenced by the whole magic thing – and it works. Being a little more mystical adds character. Story may be not much of a factor, but it's effects are positive.

In Steam and on the computer, the controls are pretty easy. A lot of fast clicks and hits. Honestly, it's more logical more than anything, and you need to connect that a bit. The controls work well and aren't an issue really.

The game is like any modern-puzzle solver in which you need to solve all manner of things. It's really addictive. Many puzzles were like that game where you raced against a ball dropping to make pipes of different shapes going down. Others you kinda need to build machines for the 'magic' to work my putting on moving 'arms' to transfer magic. It was frustrating, yet fun. If you ever spent hours scouring the internet for games while at school, you undoubtedly came across logic-based games like this, and here, it's those but with a lot more.

I'll come out and say that I liked the graphics a lot. It wasn't the sort of wow factor as AAA games, but its Cyan on Black action that makes it stick out. It makes it look, yes, magical. It's appropriately rune-like, and very few earth tones make it pop out, almost neon style. It looks cool to me, and it holds up well when it comes to graphics.

The sound and music were mixed. The music was what you'd expect, but the sound A lot of sounds were misplaced, annoying or went on too long. No simple clicks – it's all grand if that makes sense. And then, when you expect sounds somewhere because they add to the game, they aren't there. Like when you solve something – not really any sound many times. It just does it. Even Tetris had some boops and beeps. So decent, but could have been much better.

Glyphs: Apprentice had a pretty good frame rate. It got jerky a few times when, instead of a smooth motion, it seemed to glitch up to the next hookup, but hey, it wasn't too often. A few puzzles I swore would work didn't either, but it could have been me not doing it right...even though the next time I did it in the exact way it all hooked up fine.

Glyphs: Apprentice is a neat little game that's super addictive and fun. It looks mystical as hell, and plays well. If you're a fan of puzzle games, you'll love it. You'll get frustrated, but you'll love it. Casual gamers, too. Fans of shooters may be reminded of a mini-game they had to play at some point, but it's more than just an extended mini-game. Way more. I had fun with it – it's worth a shot.

Final Score: 7.9 out of 10

A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of review.

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