'Nine Parchments' arriving on Xbox One next week

Promotional image for the Xbox One release. Promotional image for the Xbox One release. FROZENBYTE

Nine Parchments, the magic-based action RPG from Trine developers Frozenbyte, will be arriving on Xbox One on March 7. This game lets up to four players travel together across the land, defeating enemies and collecting new spells from the nine magical parchments that have been scattered to the four winds. Players can come together online or offline, and the game can be adjusted to include friendly fire to introduce more chaos.

Nine Parchments will run at 1080p resolution in 60 FPS on Xbox One, and on Xbox One X the game will run at full 4K resolution with the same framerate. The game has a MSRP of $19.99, but a free 60-minute demo can be downloaded as well. A trailer for the release can be seen below, and our review of the Switch version can be read here.

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