'Magic' to return to Ravnica for three more sets

The city-state plane of Ravnica as seen in the collective card game 'Magic: The Gathering'. The city-state plane of Ravnica as seen in the collective card game 'Magic: The Gathering'. WOTC

Wizards of the Coast announces plans to return Magic: The Gathering to the plane of Ravnica for three more sets.  This would mean that, by the time this second return to Ravnica is complete, a total of nine sets in the game's history would have taken place on the plane.

The first of the three new Ravnica sets, Guilds of Ravnica, is scheduled to release on Oct. 5, 2018, and will have a heavy focus on five guilds: Selesnya (green-white), Boros (red-white), Golgari (black-green), Izzet (blue-red), and Dimir (blue-black).  While not a ton is known yet about the 259 card set, WotC has provided a two sentence tease: "On Ravnica, whoever you are—soldier or scientist, merchant or spy—your guild is the core of your identity. It provides structure and greater purpose. Now, the time has come to defend it."

Ravnica Allegiance is the second new Ravnica set.  Set to release in Jan. of 2019, it will complete the guild cycle by heavily emphasizing Azorius (white-blue), Rakdos (black-red), Gruul (red-green), Simic (green-blue), and Orzhov (white-black).  The set also servers as the penultimate moment of the Gatewatch story arc.  The set has 264 cards.  WotC teases: "Darkness is coming to Ravnica.  A conflict that could tear apart the world itself looms large, and the fragile peace between the guilds is strained to its breaking point.  Now, with everything on the line, it's time to step up, prove your loyalty, and fight for your guild."

The third of the three new Ravnica sets is still unknown.  WotC has confirmed that it does indeed exist and that it does take place on the plane of Ravnica, but hasn't yet said what the set is called.  The only other nugget of information they're providing is that the focus will be on the culmination of the story between the Gatewatch and planeswalker Nicol Bolas rather than the guilds themselves.

For Magic players who have a favorite Ravnica guild, WotC will also be releasing Guild Kits.  They will feature a 60-card deck themed around specific guilds and also include some goodies such as guild-themed pins, stickers, and Spindown life counters. The Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kits will be releasing on Nov.  2, 2018.  Ravnica Allegiance Guild Kits come out in Feb. 2019.

Wizards of the Coast also provided more details on the upcoming Battlebond set and the pre-constructed Global Series: Jiang Yanggu & Mu Yanling decks.  You can read about both products on the mothership's website.

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