E3 2018: Square Enix Press Briefing roundup

Screenshot from Dragon Quest XI. Screenshot from Dragon Quest XI. SQUARE ENIX

The Monday E3 2018 conferences began with Square Enix, a publisher well-known for famous Japanese RPGs, but who has also branched out into many other different genres. The conference began with a pre-recorded message from Yosuke Matsuda, President and CEO of Square Enix, encouraging viewers to stay until the end for "exciting news".

The first game on display was Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which also got some airtime at Microsoft's conference. The trailer showed a different scenario, where Lara Croft is trying to land a crashing airplane as gently as possible, before she experiences an extremely rough crash. The game then switched to a gameplay demo in the jungle, where Lara was fighting off Trinity in the jungle while trying to stay hidden.

The next game shown was Final Fantasy XIV, showing off its new Under the Moonlight patch for its Stormblood expansion. The trailer showed off giant foes, buildings on the edge of waterfalls, and a foe that can defy death itself. They then cut to what appeared to be a crossover between Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XIV, showcasing a hunter wearing the clothes of Auron from Final Fantasy X; this crossover is scheduled for this summer.

Square Enix then showed a trailer for The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, the new game in the Life is Strange universe that was also shown at the Microsoft press conference. Two of the developers appeared to talk more about the game and the expanded universe that they want to create. The game will be a free download available on June 26.

Next up was a collection of characters clearly designed by Akira Toriyama, which is a clear sign of a Dragon Quest game. The trailer showed a collection of heroes fighting against an enormous army with some powerful light-based swords and other weapons, as the heroes worked to seal away darkness. The game in question was Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, which will be in stores on September 4; a special edition is also available. To coincide with this announcement,  a cross between Dragon Quest XI and Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius was also announced for September.

The next game trailer showed a timeline of a world ravaged by war, apocalypse and divine intervention; this turned out to be a game called Babylon's Fall, developed by Platinum Games, which will be available on PlayStation 4 and Steam in 2019. This was followed by a trailer for the Xbox One version of NieR: Automata, which is known as the Become as Gods Edition; this was also announced at the Microsoft conference.

The next trailer was one for the upcoming Nintendo Switch title Octopath Traveler, showing off very little but confirming a release date of July 13. Continuing the quick barrage of games, Square Enix also showed off a trailer for the upcoming open-world game Just Cause 4, offering more information about the jungle land of Solis, as well as the extreme weather that is being introduced in this title such as tornadoes and sandstorms. The next trailer showed a brief teaser of a strange cloaked figure, before moving into what appears to have been a mix of live-action footage and in-game graphics. This scene showed the same hooded figure fighting some foes in the city streets; this was The Quiet Man, which we will see more of soon.

Finally, Square Enix moved onto their most-anticipated game of the conference: Kingdom Hearts III. They showed several parts of the trailer that was also shown at the Microsoft conference, featuring the new film worlds that were revealed, as well as scenes from Ratatouille and Toy Story. This trailer showed off a bit more story, including discussion of Roxas. This was the final trailer of the conference, but Square Enix promised more throughout the week on their YouTube page.

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