Snakebyte unveils new gaming hardware during E3 2018

The Glow:Pad 4 PlayStation 4 controller from Snakebyte Group. The Glow:Pad 4 PlayStation 4 controller from Snakebyte Group. SNAKEBYTE GROUP

Video game peripheral company Snakebyte Group unveiled an array of new gaming hardware and peripherals during E3 2018.

The company's offerings inlude the Game:Mouse Ultra.  Designed for the eSports community it features a removable weight system, programmable action buttons, and a "superbly robust design."

Snakebyte is also showing off four new gaming headsets: the Head:Set 4, Head:Set X, Head:Set 4 Pro, and Head:Set X Pro.  They boast 40mm and 50mm neodymium drivers and are promised to be listed at a comfortable price point.

For PlayStation 4 owners, there are a number of new gaming controllers coming out such as the Glow:Pad 4.  It will be available in both wired or wireless form and features subtle backlit RGB lighting.  Snakebyte's Game:Pad 4 S Pro completely cuts the cord and is one of the few third party PS4 controllers to be totally wireless.  It will be available with an all-new fresh design and in colors such as ‘Bubblegum Camo.’

The newly-unveiled Tough:Case allows for easy and safe storage of one's controllers, while the Charge:Case goes one step further by not only storing and protecting gamepads, but also charging them while in storage.

“E3 is an incredibly important event in the global gaming calendar, unveiling the roadmap for the year ahead and engaging with players and media alike," says Nick Repenning, CEO for snakebyte USA.  "Snakebyte continue to support all platforms, offering something new for every gamer, and this year we’re pleased to deliver with a range clearly demonstrating our continued drive to quality and innovation.”

Snakebyte Group did not specify when these new gaming peripherals will hit the market.

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