Digital CCG 'Cosmos Invictus' releases on PC

Digital CCG 'Cosmos Invictus' releases on PC PEGNIO

A new mech-focused CCG called Cosmos Invictus is now available on Steam as a free download.

Developed by UK studio Pegnio, the game features tactical elements they say are not found in traditional TCGs or CCGs.  Cosmos Invictus allows players to carefully position their mechs in formation while also offering customizable spaceships, unique pilots, and random events that can drastically alter the course of each battle.

Cosmos Invictus takes place in the 25th century after Earth undergoes drastic climate change.  This forces humans to evacuate the planet and colonize the rest of the solar system.  Soon, it becomes clear that “our” solar system had in fact been visited (and exploited) by alien races long ago – with ample evidence of non-human monuments, relics on the surface of far-distant moons, and scattered remains of advanced technology.   Now, the human factions fight viciously over how best to exploit this new discovery and the resources its unveiled.

Cosmos Invictus stays true to hard sci-fi with a realistic backstory and setting not unlike beloved TV shows like The Expanse," says Pegnio CEO Kostas Vlassis.  "The game offers players a unique blend of strategy and fun – with innovative CCG gameplay, fully-customizable ships, and the addition of ‘hero’ units (mechs) that can actually perish in battle and leave your spaceship exposed to deadly counter-strikes.  You’ll find all this and much more in Cosmos Invictus.”

Cosmos Invictus is now available for free on Steam Early Access.  The game includes in-app purchases.

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