'Salt and Sanctuary' releases on Nintendo Switch

Game play from Salt and Sanctuary. Game play from Salt and Sanctuary. SKA STUDIOS

Independent development studio Ska Studios has announced that Salt and Sanctuary, their critically-acclaimed Soulslike adventure from 2016, has arrived on the Nintendo Switch, with BlitWorks handling m the porting work. This game has you playing as the Saltborn, exploring an island filled with hostile enemies and extremely punishing bosses. You can create your own character, using one of sixteen different weapon types and over fifty sets of armor. For those who have beaten the game, Salt and Sanctuary offers a New Game+ mode and various challenge modes, including a punishing permadeath mode.

“Together, we’ve crafted a dark world that both tests and rewards those daring enough to enter,” said Michelle and James Silva, co-creators at Ska Studios. “Welcome, Switch adventurers, to our ghoulish island, where mystery and death loom.”

Salt and Sanctuary is available now on the Nintendo eShop for $17.99. For those looking for a physical copy of the game, Salt and Sanctuary: Drowned Tome Edition will be releasing this holiday season.

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