Barista sim 'Coffee Talk' announced for 2019 release

A scene from computer game 'Coffee Talk'. A scene from computer game 'Coffee Talk'. TOGE PRODUCTIONS

Froth that milk and pour the espresso.  Toge Productions announced Wednesday a 2019 release window for its barista simulator and visual novel, Coffee Talk, for Windows PC and Mac.

The game is set in a near future fantasy rendition of Seattle that is populated by elves, mermaids, aliens, succubi, orcs, and more.  In it players are tasked with brewing beverages for its clientele and to harness the power of an influential barista by shaping their lives through the player's actions.  Serving drinks is important, but so is offering a sympathetic ear, a warm smile, and some down to earth barista wisdom.  Coffee Talk’s branching storylines will be shaped by the quality of your drinks and fixing the right beverage to your customers.  The game further features a jazzy, lo-fi soundtrack and neon color palette inspired by 90s anime and classic pixel art adventure games.

Coffee Talk was inspired by the calm feelings of drinking warm drinks in the middle of a cold rainy night, alone or accompanied by friends,” said Mohammad Fahmi, script writer and director of Coffee Talk.  “It’s an experience that makes you think, feel, and helps rest your body and soul.”

An early demo of Coffee Talk can currently be downloaded for free via, and Gamejolt

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