New EP celebrates 15 years of 'Kingdom Hearts'

New EP celebrates 15 years of 'Kingdom Hearts' MATERIA COLLECTIVE

Video game music publisher Materia Collective is celebrating 15 years of Square-Enix's Kingdom Hearts series through the release of Heroes of Light (Kingdom Hearts Arrangements), an EP by arranger Peter de Vroom.

The album retells the tales of the main protagonists of the series through music with a track each dedicated to Sora, Kairi, Roxas, and Riku.  For example, Sora's theme is arranged for two pianos to highlight the camaraderie he shares on his journey, while Roxas's theme gets electronic elements that seemingly pull away at the essence of him and his theme. 

"The music of Kingdom Hearts has the ability to create truly magical and emotional moments," comments arranger Peter de Vroom.  "I believe the music shines brightest in the character themes, some of which I have featured on this EP.  My aim was to highlight each character's story in my arrangements, from Sora's unwavering spirit to Riku's brooding battle with darkness."

Heroes of Light (Kingdom Hearts Arrangements) is available digitally via Spotify and Bandcamp.

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