'Battlerite Royale' launching as a standalone game this September

'Battlerite Royale' launching as a standalone game this September POLYGON

 Stunlock Studios has announced that Battlerite Royale, the battle royale game mode to their arena brawler, Battlerite, will launch on Steam Early Access as a standalone game this September. Battlerite Royale will be out as a MOBA battle royale game played in a top-down perspective.

“Early on in Battlerite Royale’s development we noticed how difficult it was to align the battle royale theme with the arena mode and still ensuring the genre and gameplay to work together,” said Johan Ilves, Marketing Director at Stunlock Studios. “Battlerite Royale has become a significantly different experience and we are now separating the games so that each of them can flourish in their own right.”

In Battlerite Royale, players skydive from the back of a gigantic dragon to land on Talon Island and begin exploring the surroundings. Matches will be played on maps 30 times larger than standard Battlerite arena maps until one player is left. Numerous characters, with different fighting styles, will be available.

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