Behind the scenes: A look at 'The Quiet Man'

'The Quiet Man' releases Nov. 1 on PlayStation 4 and PC. 'The Quiet Man' releases Nov. 1 on PlayStation 4 and PC. SQUARE-ENIX

In a new video, Square-Enix introduces gamers to the all-star cast of developers and advisers involved in the upcoming original video game, The Quiet Man.

Provides insights into the game’s core concepts and development process, the video includes interviews from various members of the international development team.  It also provides gamers with an in-depth look behind the making of the game explores the game’s initial conception, various themes that players will uncover within the title, the unique sound direction process in creating a ‘soundless’ game experience, the production of the game’s full-motion video scenes that bring the world of The Quiet Man to life.

Take a look:

The Quiet Man is scheduled to release digitally on Nov. 1 for PlayStation 4 and onto Steam. The title is rated "M for Mature" by the ESRB.

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