'Star Realms: Frontiers' releases into local game stores

A new PvE card from 'Frontiers'. A new PvE card from 'Frontiers'. WHITE WIZARD GAMES

White Wizard Games, creators of the Star Realms deck-building game, have announced that a new expansion, Star Realms: Frontiers, is now available in local game stores across North America. This new version of the game offers multiple game modes: players can duel others, play in larger three- to four-player matches, do solo player-vs-event content, or come together as eight players to take on cooperative PvE content. Frontiers was able to successfully raise over a million dollars on Kickstarter last year, and is finally seeing a widespread release.

The game is available now in North American local game stores, and is scheduled for a worldwide release on November 14. The game will retail for $20. More information on the game can be found on the Star Realms  website.

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