8-bit action platformer 'Nogalious' coming soon to PS4, Commodore 64, and more

8-bit action platformer 'Nogalious' coming soon to PS4, Commodore 64, and more LUEGOLU3GO STUDIOS

Video games company Luegolu3go Studios says they will soon be releasing its 8-bit action/adventure game, Nogalious, onto a variety of platforms.

Previously released for PC via Steam and in physical form, Nogalious will now also be coming on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in 2019.  Furthermore, the game studio says they are working on versions for Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC.  That's in addition to the physical release the company has been working on for the MSX.

"The cartridges for MSX took a bit longer than expected to be finished, but we hope to have them ready by this month," says Luegolu3go Studios CEO and founder Raúl Nogales.  "The game has been developed on a 512Kb Mapper ASCII8 megarom and it will be sold in a bundle including the box, the manual and the original soundtrack."

Nogalious was originally released in August, 2018.  The game has players traveling the travels the worlds of Rusadir as the titular character, Nogalious, as he searches for his daughter, Marieta, after she was kidnapped by the evil Darama.

The ESRB does not currently list a rating for this title.

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