E3 2016: Phononic Hex 2.0 CPU cooler first impressions

Like most active computer users, there are times where I've felt my computer only to find out it was super hot. Other times it's affected gameplay – some games I've tried actually heated my computer so much that it went into the blue screen of death. I've used coolers enough to see which ones work, which ones don't and which ones just make things work. For the Hex 2.0, well, it works quite well.

The display I saw had a CPU be overclocked and soon be overheated. Then the Hex 2.0 came on and immediately (And I do mean immediately) lower and stabilize the overall temperature. Even better, unlike some coolers, it was whisper silent. I'm attuned to having a small drone of a fan, and hearing nothing was amazing when I saw it come under temperatures, that if left uncooled, could easily melt my laptop.

Also of note is that it goes on automatically when it starts overheating and turns off when the temperature is low enough. When you load it it also becomes customizable. You can get a dashboard to check on performance and even a color option to choose what color LED lights you want. Even the fan is customizable – if you don't like the fan, you can switch it out.

It's also super small – it can easily fit into systems like the mini-ITX. I've been racking my brain to try and think of criticisms of it and I can't. Maybe because I've been through many coolers and it's amazing to find one that does everything right.

The Hex 2.0 was at E3 for a reason, and based on what I saw in the demonstration, the Hex 2.0 shows what computer coolers can really do.

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