Steve Aoki launches first mobile game

Steve Aoki launches first mobile game CERULEAN GAMES

Cerulean Games has released a new mobile game designed by popular EDM DJ Steve Aoki.

The game, Beat Bomb, is a match-3 style game for iPhone and iPad.  The game is designed in the Aoki's aesthetic.  Available as a free download on the App Store, it features a soundtrack of 10 songs that include popular Aoki tracks as well as new exclusives, which are unlocked as players advance through new levels of the game.  Beat Bomb also contains a trophy room and consists of four galaxies of more than 50 stages with more to be added monthly.

Aoki explains why he decided to beanch out from the DJ booth and design a mobile game: "I'm an IOS gamer so it was about time that I released my own iOS game.  I've been developing & road testing this new game Beat Bomb and I'm extremely happy with the way it came out."

Beat Bomb is currently only available for iOS devices.

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