Review: 'Mallow Drops' (PC)

Review: 'Mallow Drops' (PC) STEAM

The most addictive games are usually the simplest. Angry Birds is basically a slingshot across to destroy things. Candy Crush is line matching and breaking. Farmville (remember that?) was a sim farm. Not too intricate designs, not too complicated controls, and not much of a story. Just play and have fun. With Mallow Drops you get an expansion of those puzzles from games like Pokémon (Team Rocket levels) and others. But expanded, with a few new innovations and difficulty curves.

The story will be brief. You are a pair of birds going after your lost eggs. Everyday they're always scattered around and you have to go find them. To be honest, story isn't a big factor in this. It's there for the design of it all and motivation. That's it. It's not a bad thing either – I'd be worried if there was a huge plot here. But there isn't – you're a bird, get your eggs back in puzzles.

Controlling the game is simple too. In Steam, the controls were move up, right, left or down and flip the screen a quarter of the way (as many times as you want either way) to allow objects on the screen to move (like, say, a slab that previously blocked a way to get an egg, then moving the screen around again for it to be a ledge to the next egg). They aren't complicated in the least and are intuitive for a player of any level.

This is what makes it stand out from similar puzzle games – gravity. Where you move moves everything on the screen and it's a good exercise for the brain to figure out where everything will go and what you need to do. Graphics are decent too. A little reminiscent of early 90's Nintendo games, they're, again, simple, but with a nice shade of colors and well timed graphics – when something falls, you have a second to anticipate it. I love it when the bird (who can only glide)hangs onto the ledge or whatever object when you tilt the screen 180 degrees. It's like Wile E. Coyote hanging onto the broken part of the cliff before he's doomed. The timing of them get's a little boring after a bit, but there's enough challenge here to overlook it.

Music and sound, again, is simple. Music is a nice, slow instrumental. It's like a lighthearted, dreamlike Philip Glass piece. I usually don't like it when sounds are endlessly repeated, but here, it makes sense. Being a little retro, the short boops and sounds of the birds nudging into things are the same, it doesn't get annoying. You're too focused on getting the eggs and figuring out what to do, that they're a little pleasant to hear, because that means you're moving again.

There aren't any real glitches to speak of here, or any frame rate issues. Some levels certainly are frustrating as something you expected to drop a certain way didn't, or your timing was WAY off one a jump, but those are more of the level of difficulty. I did get one glitch where my bird held onto a ledge despite it turning 90 degrees...and then another 90...and then another....without letting go. This amazing grip only happened once though, so it was most likely just a fluke. Besides that – it was flawless.

These birds really warm up to you. For being flightless, they're cute little things, but at the same time, not overly so. Mallow Drops is pretty great, and appeals to casual gamers as well as fans of more classic games. It's addictive too, so look out for that. Generally, I highly recommend this game. It's simple, flippy fun, and it definitely holds your attention. I found it to be highly enjoyable, and if you don't mind the world turning on all of it's sides to make challenges, I'm sure you will too.

Final Score: 9.1 out of 10

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