MOBA 'Heroes Arena' releases worldwide

MOBA 'Heroes Arena' releases worldwide UCOOL

Publisher uCool's new mobile game, Heroes Arena, is now available for iOS and Android devices.

A massive online battle arena (MOBA) game, Heroes Arena features classic 5v5, 1v1, and 3v3 battle arena action on a solitary global server.  The title is a free-to-play release that's backed by in-app purchases.  In celebration of the game's launch, uCool is providing players with daily login bonuses and shop discounts on all hero characters for a limited time.  Players also will get extra in-game gold and items by completing daily events during the launch celebration time.

In Heroes Arena, players select a hero and traverse the game's maps where they battle hordes of enemies and monsters to rise on the leaderboards and earn rewards.  uCool says the game was specifically designed for mobile devices with a focus on fair eSports competition.

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