Evan Symon

Evan Symon

Evan Symon has been writing for GeekNifty since 2014 and also writes for Cracked.com.

You can contact Evan by emailing esymon@geeknifty.com.

Exploring a deserted moon base works out well...except for a few major flaws.

Review: 'Gift of Parthax' (PC)

Despite a bit too much dialogue, Gift of Parthax delivers a nice fantasy action game.

Besides some minor issues and a very creepy soundtrack, The Gardens Between proves itself to be cool little game.

Review: 'Lamplight City' (PC)

Lamplight City is a detective game anchored to it's setting and characters....for better and for worse.

Review: 'Molecats' (PC)

Molecats makes an enjoyable puzzle game with only the slightest of hitches.

Little Dragons Cafe is a simpler Harvest Moon – WITH DRAGONS.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr has a lot new, but with a huge undercurrent of the old.

Graveyard Keeper has a strong game type and graphics, but falters out.

Invasion of the Box People goes retro in both good and bad ways.

Review: 'Unavowed' (PC)

Unavowed makes a supernatural New York Mystery game and makes one of the better recent indie games.

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