Evan Symon

Evan Symon

Evan Symon has been writing for GeekNifty since 2014 and also writes for Cracked.com.

You can contact Evan by emailing esymon@geeknifty.com.

Tekken 7 super-punches it's way into E3.


We take a look at the new online card game Deckbound Heroes.


Civilization VI takes a turn for the cartoony...and intricate city building.

The 3DS goes back to the farm with Harvest Moon: Skytree Village.

Mafia III shows off it's gameplay at E3 – and it's impressive.


Payday brings out another expansion – this time with bikers.


Halo Wars 2 brings a surprisingly enjoyable offshoot of the franchise.


Minus some graphics issues and being too close to Skyrim for comfort, Breath of the Wild brings one of the most exciting Zelda games ever.


Old school controls, retro charms, and a Hawaiian sunset of colors meets a wonky difficulty curve.


Elite Dangerous: Horizons launches (pun somewhat intended) for the Xbox One.

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