Evan Symon

Evan Symon

Evan Symon has been writing for GeekNifty since 2014 and also writes for Cracked.com.

You can contact Evan by emailing esymon@geeknifty.com.

Review: 'Tempest 4000' (PC)

Tempest 4000 gets a modern-yet-retro take.

Puzzles and atmosphere are the saving graces for The Spectrum Retreat.

Review: 'MXGP Pro' (PS4)

MXGP Pro tries to be a motorcycle racing game. Emphasis on "tries."

The trippy, VHS lined Garage: Bad Trip has a lot of good, but also some bad.

The beta of Icons: Combat Arena still leaves a lot to prove.

Fallout 76's Internet only rule is going to hit one group of fans the hardest – those that actually live where the game is set.

MotoGP 18 gets the bikes right, but a lot of other things wrong.

Megadimension Neptunia VII gets a VR release (and a little more than you asked for).

With extreme backlash and almost guaranteed lost sales coming from the recent multiplayer announcement, something needs to be done.

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