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Evan Symon

Evan Symon has been writing for GeekNifty since 2014 and also writes for Cracked.com.

You can contact Evan by emailing esymon@geeknifty.com.

The underworld exploring RPG crafter, Smoke & Sacrifice, is released on two more consoles.

Review: 'Miscreated' (PC)

Miscreated lives up to it's name and falls short of being a good game.

Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows boldly goes where most space games have gone before.

Review: 'Quantum Replica' (PC)

Quantum Replica decides to take every part of itself from somewhere else, leaving nothing original.

One Piece World Seeker's new trailer turns out to be the entire opening of the game.

LEGO Harry Potter Collection brings back the series to new consoles, but it doesn't update it enough.

Review: 'Kenshi' (PC)

Kenshi is rough around the edges, but it gives the greatest sandbox game style ever seen.

The cross-platform robot multiplayer game Aftercharge comes out Jan. 10.

Review: 'Ride 3' (PS4)

Ride 3 immerses you in the world of motorcycle racing, albeit with a few bumps.

Review: 'Nairi: Tower of Shirin'

Nairi: Tower of Shirin gets a lot right, not too much wrong, and gives you a LOT of puzzles.

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