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Magic: The Gathering's Dominaria doesn't come out until April of next year, but that's not stopping us from making our own wish list for the set.

The 16-bit fantasy adventure game Aegis Defenders will be coming out for PlayStation 4 near the end of the year.

PS4 gamers can now rent their own private servers for ARK: Survival Evolved.

SteelSeries announced the APEX M750, a mechanical gaming keyboard that the company says is "the complete package".

Wadjet Eye Games' latest adventure title, Technobabylon, is now available for iPhone and iPad.

Indie game Defenders of Ekron blends fast-paced shoot 'em up action with adventure and exploration.

Atari partners with LGBT Media to better promote Pridefest.

MSI releases the MSI Infinite A, an easily upgradeable gaming desktop PC.

Kalypso Media's WWII RTS title Sudden Strike 4 makes its console debut as it sees release on PlayStation 4.

The Canadian-made indie game Light Fall will be releasing for PC/Mac, PS4, and Xbox One early next year.

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