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NetEase and prep MMO Revelation Online for its closed beta.

EA Sports releases the FIFA Mobile app, which is a free download for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

A ton of classic Atari games such as CentipedeMissile Command, and so on are now playable on PlayStation 4.

Review: 'Primordia' (iOS)

For those who like a challenge, Primordia is a great point-and-click adventure.  For those who don't, well...

The upcoming side-scrolling 2D action game Earth's Dawn gets an early November release date. releases Juggernaut Champions, a new idle-RPG, for mobile.

We review the free-to-play mobile game Age of Heroes: Conquest on iPhone.

Will your computer be able to handle Hired Ops, an upcoming online FPS title from AbsolutSoft?

Bandai Namco reveals when PS4 and computer gamers will be able to experience the next entry into the Tales of RPG series, Tales of Berseria.


Bethesda releases a new gameplay trailer from the upcoming Dishonored 2 video game.

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