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Marvel’s Spider-Man, a PlayStation 4 exclusive developed in collaboration with Insomniac Games and Marvel Games, is now available globally.

Previously released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, The Spectrum Retreat comes to Nintendo Switch in mid-September.

Now available, the free Mega Man 11 demo lets players take on Block Man.

Fictiorama Studios' award-winning title, Do Not Feed the Monkeys, is slated for release in October with a open beta coming in September.

The tactical RPG Squids Odyssey is now available for PC via Steam courtesy of French indie game studio, The Game Bakers.

Coming this autumn from indie developer A Bonfire of Souls is Wizards Tourney, party game for up to four players.

Tycoon game 'Tech Corp' hits Steam

The indie-made business tycoon game, Tech Corp, is now available for PC via Steam.

An collection of arcade classics are being remastered and brought back as Tozai Games announces R-Type Dimensions for Nintendo Switch and PC.

Stunlock Studios’ Battlerite Royale is slated to release onto Steam Early Access later this month.

Game publisher Hound Picked Games is bringing the British indie title HyperParasite to Nintendo Switch.

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