'Elliot Quest' releases on Nintendo Switch

Elliot Quest. Elliot Quest. PLAYEVERYWARE

PlayEveryWare, an independent video game developer and publisher that has worked with companies such as tinyBuild and WayForward, has announced the release of Elliot Quest on the Nintendo Switch. Previously released on many other consoles, as well as PC and 3DS, this Zelda II-inspired action-platformer-RPG tasks you with exploring a mysterious island, in order to find out more about your curse, and eventually lift it. In celebration of the game's Switch release, the developers at Ansimuz Games have added some extra features, such as an easy mode and a fast teleport system.

Elliot Quest is available now on Nintendo Switch in North America, Europe and Japan; its price in North America is $9.99 USD. A new trailer for the game has also been released, and can be seen below.

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