Report: Gamers willing to spend $100 - $200 on microtransactions, DLC annually

The NBA 2K series has in-game purchases. The NBA 2K series has in-game purchases. TAKE TWO INTERACTIVE

Gamers are willing to spend more than the cost of a video game in in-game purchases and DLC according to a recent survey published by LendEDU.  The survey, which questioned gamers about in-game microtransactions, downloadable content, and their impact on their finances, had some results that some end users may find surprising.

In the results, LendEDU found that, despite the recent outcry of in-game purchases and loot boxes from games such as Star Wars Battlefront II, 85.6% of respondents are willing to spend upwards of $200 on paid downloadable content for video games.  Part of the reason of that may be that the survey also found that more than half (53.8%) of gamers said that they've felt pressured to purchase DLC in order to remain competitive in multiplayer games.  In contrast, roughly one third (35.2%) of gamers stated that the presence of DLC or microtransactions have made them stop playing a game and a whopping 80.4% said that paid downloadable content would not prevent them from purchasing video games in the future.

While LendEDU's numbers seem like they might be out of sync with the general feeling towards in-game purchases in full-priced video games, the survey also asked about how gamers felt about such purchases in general.  Surprisingly, more than half told LendEDU that microtransactions and DLC are beneficial for video games and, ultimately, add value to them.  The breakdown is shown in the chart below.

Furthermore, the survey found that gamers would rather keep the current system of paying $60 for an "incomplete" full game with the option to purchase DLC in the future compared to spending twice as much for a game that included any and all content by a count of 57.6% to 42.4%, respectively.

LendEDU commissioned an online surveying company known as Pollfish who polled 500 pre-screened people.

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