PvP arena brawler 'Spellsworn' to get full release next month

PvP arena brawler 'Spellsworn' to get full release next month FROGSONG STUDIOS

Swedish developer Frogsong Studios' upcoming PvP arena brawler, Spellsworn, will move out of Steam Early Access into a free to play commercial launch on Mar. 13.

“The game is in the final development stages, and so we are excited to invite everyone next weekend to experience intense battles of wizardry in the Spellsworn arena free of charge”, said Stefan Jonsson, CEO of Frogsong Studios.  “After the official release, we will introduce a Founders Edition, which new players can purchase in order to get two Legendary Skins and two Legendary Staffs. Early Access supporters will automatically become the Founders and as a token of gratitude will get two additional items, exclusive to our pre-launch players.”

In Spellsworn, players use tactics, quick reflexes, and spell combinations to get the better of their opponents.  Games can be played in teams or as a free-for-all in five-round matches for as many as eight players.  In between the rounds, players can customize their magic arsenal trading or upgrading spells and switching up their strategies.  In-environment hazards also play a role as they can wreak havoc on the playing field, causing damage over time to each player pushed off of the arena.

The free-to-play computer game, Spellsworn, will fully launch Mar. 13 for $9.99 for Windows and Linux/SteamOS.

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