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3 deleted characters in video games who would have made the game better

3 deleted characters in video games who would have made the game better THE GTA PLACE

While many characters who are deleted would have made the game worse, a few would have the game even better.

Usually characters are deleted for a reason. Their character is too similar to another and they are just combined. A character may be seen as not doing that much. Or they could be taken out because test audiences just hated them. And while many deleted characters could have hurt the game, a few could have made it better. Characters such as...

1. Darkel – GTA III

In 2001, Grand Theft Auto III came out and revolutionized sandbox gaming forever. With a living, breathing city to roam, the main character, Claude, could do whatever he wanted. Drive cars, drive boats, do drivebys, set things on fire, snipe people and occasionally obey traffic laws. However, at the airport, there is a small plane with clipped wings that cannot fly very high called the Dodo. And behind that is what would have been the craziest character in GTA history, Darkel.

Via GTA Forums

Underneath an abandoned train tunnel in the Portland (AKA Bronx/Brooklyn) part of the map are a bunch of hobos. It may seem odd that that Rockstar took the time to put them in, but they originally were going to be part of a gang led by Darkel. Darkel was a character who, angry at the city for numerous things, wanted to cause as much destruction as possible. While some missions he was supposed to give, such as an ice cream truck bombing, stayed, one mission in particular did not.

Via ibtimes

In a mission titled “Love Hurts”, the player was supposed to get a fully flyable airplane, fly it, jump out and crash it into Love Tower, a building owned by a media magnate named Donald Love. A challenging mission (especially with police choppers after you), the mission was scrapped after September 11th and the technology limits at the time.

Via Topman

While that mission is in bad taste now (and the planes wings clipped so that flying would not be an option anymore), other missions would have given what many fans wanted – utter and complete chaos. Not until Trevor 12 years later in GTA V would a more insane character be introduced, as all missions would have basically have been “destroy everything and everyone in sight”. Since that is what many players do anyway, a character doing it for reward with no chases, no races and little dialogue would of been a fitting set of missions in the latter part of the game, where the high levels of violence would have perfectly complimented the growing tensions and problems the player experienced. 

2. Chinaman – Metal Gear Solid 2

In Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, everyones favorite spy/killer Solid Snake is back....for about 15 minutes. Instead, you play as Raiden, a rookie agent, gets to go around shooting and spying for a change. However, with the president kidnapped by a group called “Sons of Liberty”, it's up to the FOXHOUND group to get him out. A few of these members are the leaders and assassins going after Raiden, and so the fun begins.

via Facepunch

While there are many eccentric bosses, such as the Romanian/possible vampire Vamp, one did not make it: Chinaman. Chinaman was a former Navy SEAL whose specialty was water. While that may seem boring, Chinaman did have an ace or two up his sleeve.

Besides being based off of Jet Li, Chinaman would have some of the most awesome abilities ever. A tattoo of a dragon on his back, when in contact with water, would have come to life. But a Jet Li with dragons were surprisingly not the most insane details of him. Much of the final fight would have taken place underwater, with the Chinaman sending sharks after Raiden if he bled. And he would have walked on water. And up walls. Basically, with powers of about three or four bosses, Chinaman would have been unstoppable.

Via Metalgear Wiki

With a character like this, the game would have been much better. A hard boss with some of the craziest powers would have made a good final boss challenge, with future bosses needing to outdo the Chinaman in terms of what powers they needed.

3. The 39 Deleted Pokémon - Pokémon Red/Blue

One of the greatest mysteries of Pokémon is the Missingno, the glitch of a pokémon that exists when you use the “talk with old guy in Viridian City then swim near Cinnabar Island" trick. While there has been much speculation on what it really was, it turns out there is a reason, but not one of those crazy “Missingno will kill everyone” ones.

Via Geek-envy

According to Shigeki Morimoto, a Pokémon designer, there were originally supposed to be 190 pokémon, but only 151 made it into the game. This seems to be true as Pokédex numbers go up to 190, but with only 151 pokémon, there were a few gaps. And with so many taken out and numbers assigned in the second generation of games in Johto, it becomes obvious to who they were. Namely evolutions introduced in II in pokemon that did not have them before (Elekid/Electabuzz, Seadra/Kingdra), a few of the more “normal” looking pokemon based on real world animals (Ursaring, Stantler, Donphan) and a few more legendary types (Lugia, Ho-Oh). In all, 39 – exactly the number needed to make 190. And possibly looking disturbing in the original games under Game Freak designs.

Via Tumblr

Having an extra 39 pokémon would have drastically changed the early games. Now with 190 to deal with (With at least 10 being one of the legendary kind) the game would have not only had more challenges and more fight combos to deal with, but the sheer number of pokémon would have even upped future games numbers as well. Instead of the 719 we have currently, we could be nearing 1,000 now if every game went big like the first one nearly did. Not only would Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow have been more of a challenge, it would have had to have been larger as well.

With every deleted character comes a bit of content that was never meant to be. But in some cases, maybe it should have been.