'GTA2'-inspired shooter 'Geneshift' to launch later this month

'GTA2'-inspired shooter 'Geneshift' to launch later this month NIK NAK STUDIOS

After eight years in development, the GTA2-inspired shooter Geneshift is set to release on May 23.

A top-down shooter, the game lets players drive like maniacs, committing drive-by shootings and setting off car bombs.  If that's not enough for you, players can also teleport, go invisible, and launch fireballs as well.

Geneshift boasts 5v5 multiplayer combat in game modes such as Capture the Flag, Checkpoint Racing, and Zombie Survival.  There is also a four-player co-op campaign, as well as more than 20 weapons, 30 skills, base building, leaderboards, and user-generated maps.

Obtainable via download from Steam, Geneshift will be available for Windows PC and Linux machines.

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