Naval warfare game 'SailCraft' releases on iOS and Android

Naval warfare game 'SailCraft' releases on iOS and Android UQSOFT

Now available for iOS and Android devices is SailCraft, a new 3D naval warfare game from UQSoft.

SailCraft features turn-based 1v1 gameplay, a  variety of warships from which to choose, and multiple fleet layouts.

Here's what UQSoft says about it:

SailCraft's quick battles and ease of play allow players to rapidly acclimate to the fight and determine their favorite battle style. Gaining access to new ships leads to bigger, more complex battle formations. The larger the fleet, the more challenging the game becomes. In addition, players can create their own maps, share tips with other players, join a guild, and sharpen their skills by battling against friends.

SailCraft is a free-to-play game.

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