Online avian archery game 'Arrow Heads' releases on PC

Online avian archery game 'Arrow Heads' releases on PC ODDBIRD

Oddbird's latest title, the arena archery game Arrow Heads, is now available for Windows PC.

The newly-released game pits players against their avian counterparts in a fast-paced, two-to-four player adventure to shoot, dodge, and deflect arrows in an utterly ludicrous, isometric archery game.  The game features a pair of play modes, simple controls, and a bunch of unlockable content.

“We’ve been looking forward to this day since we first started development of Arrow Heads as game design students,” said Benjamin Scott, Co-founder of OddBird.  “We’re thrilled that Arrow Heads is now available on Steam and that everyone has a chance to experience the game’s silliness and crazy chaotic moments. We hope that people will have as much fun playing the game with their family and friends as we did working on it.” 

Last year, Arrow Heads won Best Overall Game and Artistic Achievement at the 2016 Level Up Showcase, the first event of its kind in Canada that recognizes the most talented students in game design, animation and computer science programs from colleges and universities across Ontario.  The game also won the 2016 ESAC Student Game Competition and was named a semi-finalist for the 2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

Arrow Heads is available for purchase from Steam today for $14.99.  A version for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are expected to launch next year.

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